Some of our furry friends have medical prescriptions or treatments that need to be administered at a certain time, or perhaps they are prone to becoming ill suddenly when their owners aren’t present. At Walkie Paws we have the training and ability to administer the necessary medicine or treatment that your pet requires, with your authorization. 

Oftentimes, a dog may reject pills, syrups, drops, cream, and occasionally, injections. For owners, getting a dog to ingest their medication can become a true headache. As certified veterinarians, we have the patience and training to be able to give your pet their medicine without stress or creating discomfort.

Taking a temperature

Dogs aren’t very agreeable when it comes time to take their body temperature, but we have sufficient experience and ability to be able to take a temperature correctly without much effort. We even know how to take a rectal temperature, which is more reliable. We take charge of disinfecting the thermometer and taking note of the results. We know that it can vary, and so we do it as many times as is necessary in order to have an adequate reading and be able to offer a report to the owners when they arrive home.

Administering medication

Both solids and liquids can be bothersome for a pet when they have to receive medicine, since they don’t always have a pleasant smell or taste, which makes the process more difficult. This is why we use the medication administration techniques that are right for your pet. That way the treatment is much more effective and works more quickly.

Here we offer some of our tips that you can apply to your pet:

Rewards for giving medication

Animals don’t know why they need to take medication or follow certain treatments, which is why rewards can make the healing process easier. This way they associate their cooperation with something good, and so they show less reluctance when it comes time to ingest certain medicines.

If you give them a reward when they behave, and consistently congratulate them for doing something well, they will be more cooperative when it comes to taking medicine at home.

We recommend that you keep a first aid kit in your home for your pet. That way you can react quickly in case of any unforeseen situation. However, we have the experience and necessary tools to offer first aid to your furry friend.

First aid kit for dogs

We recommend keeping a kit on hand with necessary tools to act efficiently in case of emergency. Don’t forget to keep the following tools in your home:

In case of emergency or accidents, we can attend to your pet. You can leave us numbers and trusted veterinary information, who we will get in touch with in case of any unforeseen situation. However, in all of our years of experience, we have been able to manage every unusual situation and make adequate decisions to avoid urgency. 

At Walkie Paws we love animals, and it is because of this that we care for them as though they were ours. With us, you won’t have to worry when you leave your pet in our hands.

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