An active dog is a happy dog. Playing and physical activity is very important for our pets since it increases their energy expenditure and helps them to rest better. It also keeps them from causing damage in the home or finding ways of entertaining themselves that can affect our tranquility. However, we also understand that you can’t be present all day with them because of work and other activities. At Walkie Paws, you can find your solution.

Our love for animals, our experience, and our veterinary training and certification make us the best option for caring for your furry friend.

We know how important it is to maintain your pet active and in a good mood. This is why we offer a day of diversion and games that will make them feel happy.

What do we do?

Physical Activity

A young dog needs at least 60 minutes of exercise, including playtime. The most entertaining form is with the use of toys.

Physical exercise doesn’t just prevent problems related to health such as obesity, but also helps keep the dog entertained, avoiding boredom and also psychological problems like depression or claustrophobia. At Walkie Paws, we take charge of organizing outings, and we make them dynamic and fun.

Playing at home

Playtime doesn’t just help with your pet’s intellectual development, but also helps them to better understand their surroundings, understand how things work, keep a clear understanding of behavioral rules, learn to control their strength and develop habits and skills.

Playing also helps them to become socialized, since they play with other dogs or humans and develop skills when it comes to interaction.

It’s not necessary to go outdoors in order to play with them. There are many activities inside the house that can be used so that they don’t feel cooped up and bored. At Walkie Paws we take charge of offering necessary attention during the day and organizing activities so that your pet is able to expend accumulated energy.

Dogs learn to respect others as well as let go of energy and blow off steam, which helps them avoid stress and anxiety and helps the dog to be less violent, which makes developing the habit of playing indispensable for them.

Tricks and “treats”

Animals, above all dogs, change their behavior in order to adapt to the environment they are in. Because of this, they easily learn tricks and tasks when we teach them. This suggests that mental and even physical activities of this nature are very beneficial for dogs of any age.

Just like exercise, learning a new trick, and practicing it, stimulates their mind and skill learning. It also helps them to maintain adequate mental health throughout their lives. 

We keep your furry friend’s mind busy during the day and work to teach them what’s within our reach so that they have the ability to exists in any environment, with anyone who might be present. We use the technique of offering “treats” so that they have an incentive and pay much more attention when it comes time to learn.

On the other hand, it’s important for you to understand that if a dog doesn’t receive necessary attention and mental care, they may develop health problems like separation anxiety when they are alone at home and other forms of canine depression. This is why we make sure to give them the best time of their life.

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