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Important: Walkie Paws offers expert pet sitting services from a professional and licensed veterinarian. We have never had to deal with some of these scenarios we are about to talk about but we are more than prepared to deal with them!

Just like with people, the goal of first aid for pets is to offer treatment in case of emergencies when an accident happens at home or an unforeseen health event takes place.


Accidents in public and at home: punctures with objects, cuts and bites

If your pet suffers an injury by another animal or hurts themself with a sharp object, we are trained to calm them and begin caring for the wound. In these types of situations, the area should be covered with sterilized gauze and/or a clean towel, and pressure should be applied to the affected zone. If the lesion isn’t bleeding, we cleanse the area using a sterilized saline solution or clean water to avoid infections. We don’t use alcohol in these situations as it can irritate or stress your pet.

If your pet has an object stuck in its body, depending on the object and depth of penetration, we are trained and can remove it.

Impacts: dislocation or fractures

We are trained when it comes to treating animals. Falls and/or abrupt movements can cause damage to bones. Moving unnecessarily can worsen the condition.

If your pet sustains an injury to one of their paws, we make sure to keep them laying down and wrap the injured limb with a towel, to reduce movement as much as possible. We do this especially if we see the bone protruding from the skin.

If the pet doesn’t show a visible lesion, it’s essential to take them to a veterinarian to be checked out in order to make sure that they don’t have any internal damage that could threaten them down the road

Asphyxiation and respiratory blockages

If your pet begins to cough abruptly and has difficulty breathing, it’s probable that they have ingested a large object such as a toy or mouthful of food that is obstructing their throat, and therefore, the passage of air. In this case we intervene, holding the animal firmly, and with our hands opening their mouth as much as possible (without obstructing the nasal passages), in order to find the stuck object. We then remove it (in the event that it is visible), using a fine pointed tweezer or a hand in case of emergency.


It’s possible for your pet to eat or drink something toxic. Given that, one must act immediately before the substance reaches the bloodstream and poisons your furry friend’s body. It’s common for pets to want to eat plants when they go for a walk, but there are certain venomous plans that can do them a great deal of damage. At Walkie Paws we take charge of offering necessary attention so that it doesn’t get worse and so that the poisoning can be stopped in time.

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