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How Walkie Paws Feeds Your Pet

Each pet has different eating habits and diets. At Walkie Paws, we take care of feeding your pet according to your instructions.
We are aware that feeding your pet is essential for its development and overall health, so we apply special care when feeding your pet:

1) We Keep your Pet Hydrated

Hydration, as in us humans, is essential in our pets. For this reason, we make sure they have constant access to water. Either after eating or after their walks. We also change the water frequently; otherwise, it could harbor bacteria that are harmful to our furry friends’ health.

2) We Respect your Pet's Food Transitions

If you are changing your pet’s food by any chance, we will take care of doing it progressively. We will add small doses of the new food during the week, and we will increase the amounts accordingly until the old food is replaced for the new food. This way, your pet won’t have any problems adapting itself to its new diet.

3) We Control the Quantity of Food your Pet Receives

We know how important it is to calculate an adequate amount of food for our furry friends. Therefore, we follow the instructions you give us so that your pet feeds correctly.

4) We Take Care of the Hygiene of your Pet's Food

It is also crucial to keep good hygiene of our pets’ food, so we make sure it is always closed and in dry places to maintain its properties. In case it is canned or defrosted food, we take care of keeping it refrigerated based on the food’s instructions.
We also keep your pet’s plate clean. This way, we will avoid bacteria that can contaminate the food of your furry friends.

Our priority will always be to give your pet the best care.

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