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Don't want to leave your pet alone?
At Walkie Paws, we would love to be your best friend’s company!
Please read about our Maryland pet sitting services and see why we are the best choice.

What’s included in our Maryland Pet Sitting Services?

By hiring our pet sitting services, your pet will get:


We will take your pet for a walk 3 to 4 times, depending on your pet’s needs or the times they are used to going out.


Every pet has different eating habits and diets. At Walkie Paws, we take care of feeding your pet when and how much you tell us.


It doesn't matter if your pet is restless or quiet! At Walkie Paws, we clean and organize the spaces where your pet is or has been.


Medication or treatment (if necessary):

All our Maryland pet sitters are certified vet techs, and we know all the techniques and care that must be taken when giving medication to your pet. If your pet is undergoing treatment or must take medication, we will give it to him/her.


Game and fun:

Your pet needs to burn off energy to rest at ease at night. At Walkie Paws, we love sharing quality time with more pets we care for, so we'll make sure they're always active and playful during the day.


Overnight Services (If applicable):

Do you need us to spend more time with your pet? At Walkie Paws, we can also stay the night and accompany your pet! In case we should have something to consider about your home or pet, let us know! We will be pleased to attend to your pet as if it was our own.


First aid:

To offer the best pet sitting services in Maryland, all our carers are certified vets who, if needed, will be able to give first aid to your pet. With Walkie Paws, you can be sure that your best friend will be in excellent hands.

Professional Cat and Dog Sitting Services in Maryland

At Walkie Paws, we specialize in caring for dogs and cats in Maryland, but we also care for birds, fish, small mammals, small reptiles, and more! Our professional cat and dog sitting services in Maryland not only offer to take care of your pet but to accompany them in the constant development of their personality; if necessary, we can help your pet to be more friendly with other dogs, cats, adults, and children, even if they have had traumatic events that make it difficult for them to be calm when they go out for a walk. We also help youngsters learn where they should go to relieve themselves.
With us, you can be sure that we will take care of your pets just like you would do it at home! Contact us and let us help you with your furry friends when you are not at home.

Areas we offer pet sitting services

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Why choose Walkie Paws
Pet Sitters?

We know how important it is for you to leave your pet in the care of someone you trust, and that’s why we provide all the love and care you give to your pet at home.
We are Walkie Paws, certified vet techs with over 20 years’ experience caring for animals of all kinds in Maryland. So many years providing our services of pet sitting in Maryland has led us to know and perfect the care that every pet should have, regardless of race, personality, or animal type. In a service like ours, there is nothing like experience to develop individual skills and knowledge needed to deal with the many different situations that can arise while caring for a pet.
At Walkie Paws, we stand out for the love and dedication we give to our clients’ pets and be caregivers who can react and act at the right time to avoid any misfortune.
Our love for pets is immense, and that’s why we can assure you that your pet will be in excellent hands.

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Maryland Pet Sitting Services

Yes, at Walkie Paws, we are not only excellent pet sitters but also Certified Vet Techs. We can and do know how to medicate your pet, give them first aid (if required), and we can perform any treatment to dogs with medical conditions or special medical needs. As professional Pet sitters, we take care of providing our clients with the best possible care.
At Walkie Paws, we love all animals and have the experience to take care of your pet. We take care of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, mini pigs, and other small mammals and reptiles.
Yes, with Walkie Paws, you can be sure that your pet will have a pleasant night and will be safe in our hands. Prices range from $40 to $50, depending on the size of your pet.
Yes, we take care of giving your pet all the love and fun they deserve and need. A day full of games and care is what we offer at Walkie Paws so that you can go to work with no worries.
Yes, in case you require it, CONTACT US! 443-628-7077. We are professional Pet sitters in Maryland, and we are ready to help you whenever you need us. We will provide all the necessary care for your pet while you are away.
Yes, at Walkie Paws, we can work with you as long as you require it.
Yes, we also provide cab services if you need them; that is, we transport your pet to medical appointments or any other activity you have scheduled. If you are busy, your pet will still be able to attend their appointments.
For our customers’ convenience, we offer a large number of payment methods. You can pay through our website, PayPal, cash apps, Venmo, check, cash, or card.
First, you can contact us by phone or text, tell us what you and your pet needs, and we will give you detailed information about the services you need. After our call, you can click the Pay Now on our menu and fill out the form with the information from the call. You can go to this link here and fill out the form with your and your pet’s information. Your information will be used in case of emergency and for the safety of your pet.

Then we’ll schedule a meet and greet with you and your pet according to your availability, and that’s it!
From 3 to 4 times, depending on the pet’s needs. Usually, the customer gives us the instructions to walk it, but if we see that the pet requires another walk, our professionals do it without any problem or additional charge.
You give us the instructions of your pet’s needs, food schedules, medications, or treatment if they need them, and at Walkie Paws, we take care of the rest. In addition to this, we clean and maintain your pet’s area and everything that he/she has used so that when you get home, you will find a clean space and a happy pet.
At Walkie Paws, we understand that sometimes we can’t take our furry friends everywhere, and we also know how important it is for you to leave your pet with someone you trust. For this reason, we provide our 24/7 services so you can enjoy any moment without worrying.
Our Pet Sitting overnight service starts at 7 pm and goes until 7 am. It’s 12 continuous hours of lots of love.

In case you need us to take care of your pet before or after the scheduled time, an additional fee will be charged.
Yes, at Walkie Paws, we understand that some customers have more than one pet and want all of them to receive love. We make sure all your furry friends have a fun-filled time. Our rates are:

  • 10 USD for each additional dog
  • 5 USD for each additional cat (up to 2 cats)
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Walkie Paws is proud to be certified with Pet Sitters International! For us it is incredibly important to stand out from the rest. Our love for pets goes beyond a hobby, and for that, you need special training and certifications. We want our clients to know their best friends are in the best hands, both because we love pets and are certified, professional pet sitters! You can learn more about what it takes to get approved by visiting the following link! Walkie Paws will continue to strive for excellence by acquiring more and more certifications!